Environmental And Social Responsibility

The benefits of choosing a Home Green Home co-op extend beyond reliable, professional, high quality cleaning services. Your choice really makes a difference.

Environmental Responsibility:

Cleaning is a hazardous profession, and harsh chemicals can have a negative impact on workers, families, and the larger environment. We are committed to reducing this footprint by using only non-toxic products, including Seventh Generation , Bon Ami, and Dr. Bronners, along with simple household cleaners including vinegar and baking soda that leave your home safe, sparkling, and fresh. 

Social Responsibility:

We believe everyone deserves access to healthy, dignified work and should not be forced into underpaid jobs with hazardous conditions. Each of our natural cleaning co-ops is run by a group of women with an ownership share of the business and a voice in making key business decisions. We generate living-wage jobs with benefits that provide long-term financial stability for our worker-owners and allow them to adequately provide for themselves and their families. Each of our co-op members receives over 150 hours of training and support, a share of profits, and full benefits including medical insurance and paid time off. Our workers earn more than most housecleaners, with increases in family income averaging 50%.

Learn more from the worker-owners themselves in these stories of hope from Alicia, MariaBertha, and Gloria.


The Home Green Home Network provides each co-op with business development assistance, training in eco-friendly cleaning practices, and quality assurance tools to ensure that customers receive high quality, professional cleaning services every time. When you choose Home Green Home your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your business not only protects your home and the environment, it makes an investment in our women-owned businesses and the larger community. Thank you!