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The Home Green Home Co-op Network is an association of women-owned cleaning cooperatives committed to the principles of healthy, green cleaning practices. Our award-winning businesses serve satisfied clients in more than 50 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    "Amazing! I do not give five stars lightly! The women of Home Green Home were absolutely amazing! We have gotten other deep cleanings before, so I thought I knew what to expect...This is the new definition of a deep clean."
    -Abby T., Home Green Home San Francisco customer

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Why Green Cleaning

We share your commitment to protecting your health and the environment.

That's why we only use products that are "green" -- or, free from the hazardous chemicals that contaminate our groundwater and the air we breathe.

Traditional household cleaning products are not as harmless as we might think. The nasty, strong smells they leave behind come from the hazardous toxins they contain that endanger you, your family, our communities, and our planet.

So why put your health at risk for the sake of cleaning the traditional way? We use only our trademarked EFC (Eco-Friendly Cleaning) technique, which is proven to ensure an effective, top-quality cleaning job, and, even better: it's natural and safe. Your health is important to us!

Eco-friendly cleaning and smart products.

Green Practices:

Safe Products. We select natural products that are biodegradable, effective, and toxin-free. All products pass the EFC product screening with flying colors.

Conserving Resources. Our cleaning technique minimizes water usage, and we choose products with less packaging. Co-op members use reusable tools and microfiber or cotton cloths, rather than disposable wipes and mops that get tossed after one use.

In-Depth Training. Our members complete 40+ hours of EFC training and work on quality continuously through coaching from senior members. They're experts in producing top-quality, eco-friendly results.

Community Impact. Co-op members share their green cleaning expertise with their families, friends, and neighbors, and participate in community education sessions. The ripple effect matters!

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